Wednesday, June 13

sea world

After dithering over a day at Disney vs. SW, we went with the fish because you got an additional day free with each ticket.  And we'd like to do Disney when the peeps are older, so it worked out.

LG really really wanted to ride the roller coaster - she & Dustin rode it 3 times before it started raining.  I wish I had a video of it; she screamed the entire time, every time.  It rained a bit the first day, and we were glad Little A was happy and dry at the house with Nonna, Poppy, and cousin J.  We took a small umbrella but S&P (surprisingly) weren't bothered by the wet.  Helped that the air temp was warm!  S was all about the Shamu show.  We spent lots of time in the aquarium, shark encounter, and sting ray pool.  

Dustin obviously enjoyed the carousel.  He predetermined that a good attitude was required for the day and was super...chipper.
Still not a big fan of the spinning, but S was happy to get on if I was with him.
A little tired and a lot mesmerized by the killer whales.
Petting those sting rays.
The day we went back was wet, wet, wet.  We pretty much hit the Shamu show for S and then left.  P didn't get to ride the roller coaster again (not operating), but we stopped often and watched the Manta Ray (adult) coaster fly over our heads.

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