Wednesday, November 7

our new friend

S acquired his first pet last week.  Hame, the blue fish.  We're into phonetics at the moment.  The kids call him a 'shark fish' because he looks spiky.  Yes, I realize sharks are not spiky.  No, it isn't easy to convince them of reason.
Speaking of reasoning, this is Goldie, the pink goldfish.  Yes, I realize she's not a goldfish.  No, P doesn't care.  She wanted a pink goldfish for her birthday and miraculously, this fish has been alive with the Spricks for several months.
This is where they live.  I say it's a miracle they're alive because...well, let me give you an example.  This is taken from a Skype I sent to Dustin earlier this week:
Allison:  i was making lunch earlier and
Allison:  found adam had moved a chair
Allison:  taken the lid off the fish tank
Allison:  and was stirring goldie's side with the long black comb
Allison:  those fish are gonna die
dsprick: hahahahaha
On to costumes.  Little A was a fabulous zebra (borrowed from Jenny, thanks, Jenny!!)
P was a lovely purple princess (borrowed from Andrea, thanks, Andrea!)  S just wore a cape to school and then was Spiderman later.  He didn't want his picture taken.
We were out late that night and Little A was super tired the next day.
Baby N slept through most of these activities.  He likes to rock with P (likes might be too strong a word, but he manages to hold off the cry of terror for a few minutes, at least).
I've watched Emma (new version, of course.  Love Johnny Lee Miller & Romola Garai) no less than 4 times last week (after bedtimes) so that I can finish this afghan that seems to be taking forever.  I feel like it is a permanent fixture atop our bookshelf.  Time to check it off the list and send it on its way!  Thankfully, I'm nearly done.
We did the monthly Lego build and boy was this little guy happy with that pick-a-brick wall.
S&P made turkeys!
Daylight Savings' end (and general unruliness) have been hard on us.  Early wake-ups (5:15a), lots of tears, lots of fighting, lots of whining.  A lot more than normal, at least.  It's only a season, though.  And they do actually love each other.

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