Friday, January 18

a cold winter's night

This kid needs a Big Brother t-shirt.  When our baby wakes up, at first cry heard, Adam rushes off to him, anxiously waiting by banging on the bedroom door.  He's in the play gym, Adam's in the play gym.  He's on a blanket wriggling in delight, Adam's on a blanket wriggling in delight.  He's in the swing, guessed it.  I have a great deal of photographic evidence, maybe we'll have a big bro/lil bro post later.

So we've had an interesting week.  Dustin caught the flu (stomach, eek) and promptly shared it with me, and Seth joined us but to a much lesser degree.  We've kept everyone home since Wednesday when it all started, so that we wouldn't share the love.  That means S&P are literally climbing the walls with excess...everything.  I made the best french bread ever (for real) and our oven broke while. it. was. baking.  Or maybe I should say while it wasn't baking.  I love to bake, so this is in fact a big deal.  The list continues, but those examples suffice.

Then I was thinking tonight, and there are still silver linings.  Dustin took the bread to our neighbor's house in an absolute demonstration of love, so while the oven still doesn't work, at least we had good bread.  It also gave him an automatic social visit that needed to be made, but is always so hard to do.  The kids managed to stay flu-free.  This is a big surprise to us, considering how kiss happy those peeps are.  We've gotten lots more sleep than normal.  My buddy Andrea brought us soup and tea and Gatorade and movies.  That was wonderful.  Two of my friends had babies this week (that's not really related, but it makes me super excited so I thought I'd toss it in)!!  The sun was so bright and the sky so blue this afternoon, it reminded me of Wall-E.  You know, when he opens his solar panel and his battery levels go up immediately.  Being outside today with my 4, I could see their batteries recharging.  Silver linings.

A blog post is not a post without pics, though, so these are from one evening this week when I had a few volunteer bathers.  Adam was enthusiastic.  He'd pour his half-filled 1/4c of water on Noah's tummy and say, "No-Ah.  Worrrrmmm.  More."  It was delightful to watch.
I swear I have nearly this same picture from other babies...S&P with Adam?  I can't remember.
And then the LG oohhh'd and aahhh'd over his freshly lotioned scent and bath-wrinkled fingers.  Silver linings all around.

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