Monday, February 18

and here is my...

Don't look too closely, Adam did this body part review during snacktime.  The last pic was when I asked "Where is your chin?"  He looks concerned because he split it open last week and had to get super glued*/liquid stitched back together.

*The super glue was Dustin's quick-thinking (I wasn't home when this fiasco occurred).  We learned several things from this:
  1. it didn't set up super fast (strange?) and was ridiculously full of blue blanket fuzzies the following morning.
  2. you're supposed to take your peep to the dr within 8 hours if they need sewn up (had no idea).
  3. Adam is a wee bit allergic to super glue.
  4. the doctor (he split open the next morning, so I took him in) gave me a run down of what actually warrants stitching, sent me home with the leftover (Paige used it on her baby, woo), and suggested I go ahead and buy some Dermabond for our first aid kit.
  5. the liquid stitches didn't hold (he fell 2x more) and a nurse-friend of mine has suggested trying steri-strips.  guess what's on my kitchen counter already?


Cara said...

What an ordeal! Thanks for passing on the info, though - I had no idea! What a cutie kiddo :)

mirandagail said...

yikes! yep, our first stitches were on the chin too :/