Thursday, June 20

midsummer night's dream

Alright, so it's not technically summer yet, and these were after 2 naps last week.  But really.  Could he be cuter?  Doubtful.

Our Lakewood house is sold and 92% of our possessions are in storage while we figure out where we'd like to live.  It's still a bit strange to think we don't have our home to, well...go home to.  We're with my parents right now - they've generously rearranged their lives (and lots of furniture!) to make room for us.  There is a neighborhood pool right across the street and we're clocking lots of water time.  So far I very much wish I had left out my food processor and favorite cookbook.  Dustin left me out the jogging stroller and our bikes, but put their wheels in the pod.  Doh!

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