Tuesday, September 10

and he turned one

Noah had his first birthday at the end of August.  It was a little bittersweet, this last first birthday.   He is delightful and the greatest little baby ever.  And he is happy, happy, happy.  He and Adam are starting to play together a bit more (especially now that S&P are in school).  I think Adam likes having somebody else with him that isn't telling him what to do.  Paige is just wild for him, and aside from breakfast he is the first thing she will seek out in the morning.  Seth is still strangely confident when it comes to taking care of him.  I like that.  He crawls to you and raises his arms with a smile.  He perches on Dustin's arm, tailor-made for the spot.  And boy, can he be noisy.  Really noisy, right before he falls asleep and right when he wakes up.  It's charming.  Mostly.

Momma loves you, Noah.  I will love you always.

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