Wednesday, October 16

let's end up together

Seth made me love legos a few weeks ago, to go with my you + me hearts that live on my nightstand.  Don't you love that photo of Adam?  He is mad for bubbles.  Mad for them.  And how sweet are those last two pics?  They were taken a few minutes apart.  I'll color.  You eat oatmeal.  He just woke up.  How quickly it becomes Want to color with me?  You choose the picture.  I'll pull Noah over to be with us.  It reminds me of all those signs in our old town:  we're building an inclusive community.  I think that's what we're trying to build as well.

The big kids have Fall Break next week and we are all looking forward to time off, family time.  I don't take as many pictures right now, don't really know why.  We're busy, happy busy though, not run-around-all-the-time busy.  Hopefully I can remedy the photo thing soon (Noah's 1yr pics, right?!).  

The trees are just beginning to turn here and I love it.  My heart clenched a little to read of the first (and second - and third!) snow already happening in Colorado.  I knew I would miss things, but it's surprising to me the random things that make an impression.  The little boys are starting to play (and fight) together and it's lovely to see - it is so easy to remember Seth and Paige at those ages, and they trouble they got into together.  The adventures.  The delight.  Oh, the mischief.  It's quite different, but there are threads of familiarity.

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