Wednesday, November 6


Paige pretty much had a fabulous time.  She doesn't have the staying power for sand castle building, so she went for walks and frolicked and shell collected instead.  She colored and read with me during quiet times and organized many games whenever she was inside.  Go Fish, My Little Pony, dominos.  She was never far from her beloved Poppy and it's incredibly sweet to see the two of them together.  There were movies and books and snacks and places to go and she was a happy girl.  She played all day and it was so nice that she was tired in the evenings (always better to skip nighttime mischief).

She did tell me a few days ago that she very much did not enjoy being in the car for so long, and that "we will need to go to many beaches, all over the place, so we can find the closest."

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mirandagail said...

Love these beach posts! She seems like quite a fun girl :)