Tuesday, December 16

a mess of antibiotics

The weekend before last I used my soon-to-expire skymiles and flew to Colorado for a [short] trip to see my Andreas.  The time was marvelous.  I was relieved to find that it no longer felt like home.  Whew!  Our move happened so fast, and even though it was something we wanted, I was curious.  The first time I ever went to CO, it was like I had never breathed before (no altitude jokes, please) and it was just right.  And then coming to Tennessee last year was like a...waiting.  A waiting suddenly met.  How strange that we bond so strongly to certain places.

All the peeps came down with strep, some (if not all) while I was gone.  The last time I was gone for a weekend, I came home to Adam's broken arm, but I guess 3 trips to the pediatrician in one week (I doubled up on the last one) is still better than that.  They are grumpy but feeling better.  Or perhaps I am grumpy and they are just feeling better.  Sometimes it is hard to distinguish!  Seth hits the ENT this week to see what will be done about his tonsils.

Sibling Christmas gift shopping has begun and it is truly entertaining.  I well remember dithering over what to get my parents, Sarah, and Brandon with the $5 per person we were given.  One year Brandon and I pooled our money together and gifted my mom with 10 matching salt & pepper shaker sets from the dollar store.  Still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

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