Friday, January 23

the volcano and the igloo

Dustin insisted on moving us to smartphones several months ago. Now that I don't need Skype to message him (w/o video, before you wonder), I find myself rarely in front of an actual computer. This is the first time I have dropped photos off the camera for more than a month! So I think about posting pictures, but my follow-through has been lacking. To tell the truth, I don't get my camera out nearly as often anyway.

The peeps planned out a fabulous tea party a while back and it was a rousing success. I thoroughly enjoy that they eat so much more food when it is put into small cups. Paige has taken to menu writing and placecard making - two things I loved as a little girl as well.

Noah likes to take off his jammies. Apparently our safety pins are cheap and flimsy, because he Houdinis himself free lickedy-split and we redress him after he is asleep most nights.

We got that little level with something that was purchased (to assist with its hanging) and it did not occur to us that the level might not be level.  So we have a small level that is useless. And we have a large one that I used while building the retaining wall in CO - unknown to me this was a bad idea because even though my wall turned out nice and level, I got a slew of tiny rocks/dust inside the level and now it is nearly impossible to see the bubble. Gah.

Have you ever filled a plate with baking soda and given your peep the plate + a small cup of vinegar + medicine syringe? Volcano! It is a rainy/cold weather staple around here and has been for years (really, I buy baking soda in bulk anyway). Super fun.

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