Wednesday, April 29

i hate that snake

When we read that page about BooBoo, Adam usually sighs and laments that we did not name him BooBoo - therefore he does not get to lay under large bunches of grapes and eat them all day long.  Noah got lovely new curtains (Adam as well) - thanks, Nonna! - and he sleeps ever so well in his dark den.  Paige recently inherited the mirror that hung on my childhood bedroom door and the peeps all love to play iSpy with it.

We have a sweet mix of Spring sun and rainy days.  Yesterday we found a 4' rat snake at the Greenway in Hixson and the park supervisor gave us an impromptu lesson about snakes.  Half of Seth's library books are about venom these days, and they had quite the time trading fun facts.  Noah sat through dinner last night mumbling to himself, "I hate that snake.  I hate that snake."  A good night's sleep did not improve his opinion of that snake (you might have to turn up your volume).

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