Wednesday, July 29

book looks

Noah loves to look at books with Seth.  We let him try sleeping out of his crib for a week, and every night he would sneak into Seth's bedroom, climb onto his bed, and want to look at his book called 1000 Things that Go.  They also love Giant Vehicles and we get it from the library often.
We went to the local rodeo a few weeks back and Paige met Miss Tennessee Rodeo, who is lovely.
Nonna had a birthday and we made her cupcakes, Paige cut her flowers, and we picked out a new popcorn popper for the peeps her to enjoy.

We've hit summer heat and other than swimming and early morning park trips, it has been lots of books, games, coloring, and movies.  Adam asks if he can ride his bike every little whipstitch, and we are close to using rock/paper/scissors to determine which sad soul has to walk him around the block. Neat info: Dustin nearly always chooses scissors.  I don't think he realizes this.

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