Sunday, October 25

a cat with stripes

We saw a neat tractor parade a while back.  Lots of old men, driving their beasts about with such nonchalance - surely they've been doing it all their lives.  Some of the machines sounded and smelled just like all my tractor riding childhood memories with my Grandpa.

Seth and I pulled out the WWII aircraft puzzle that we got a few years ago.  I tried putting it together then - Paige wasn't quite 1 - but it didn't work out well (big surprise!).  Adam and I stayed home from a camping trip a few weeks ago (he was unwell) and had such a stretch of quiet that I sat and worked through most of it that evening.  It was a big surprise that we weren't missing any pieces - and the only mangled one was a piece I remember prying from Paige's 10mo old teething gums.  Are we really old enough to have a puzzle table going?!  They do puzzles often while I read to them, but those are easily completed and reboxed afterwards.  I told Seth that Sarah and I used to work on puzzles all day long with movies on, eating potato chips with french onion dip...I think he now has plans for his Thanksgiving break; he has started asking if there is a puzzle of submarines...

We hit the Mayfield corn maze with friends and had a great time.  Adam had some sort of allergic reaction afterwards (I still think hay), but he was a happy boy while he was there.  Paige convinced him that there was a harvester (Cars is his reference point for this) on the other side of the corn maze, coming for them...needless to say he freaked out.  Someday she may regret starting this you-scare-me-I-scare-you situation.

Noah is in on the card games these days.  Reverses in Uno really frustrate him - all that waiting for his turn! - but he happily pulls out the maniacal laughter whenever he unloads a draw two or draw four.  He still finds it super exciting to give someone his cards during Go Fish - I think he considers himself an accessory to their success.  Makes me laugh.

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