Sunday, April 3

two blurry months

December was quiet - the 3 smallers got strep at the beginning of the month (lucky tonsil-free Seth!).  I got a rapid test kit a while ago, to spare myself multiple dr visits - so glad.  It was easier to call and say, "Yeah, pretty sure she has strep.  Oh, and that one.  Oh, and that one too."  Noah got really sick the week of Christmas and didn't really recover until February (which means I don't remember much of January).  The gallery on my phone is a nap collage of Noah.  I didn't remember we got a smattering of snow until I saw the photos - was it a few inches?  No idea.  Paige played and played in it, everyone else was happy to stay warm inside.

Thankful for the season of rest and togetherness, though admittedly it was too much togetherness for me at times (hah!).

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