Tuesday, September 16

Because I have nightmares about it...

...this is what my lovely desk currently looks like (though this isn't even 1/2 of it...and I edited out all the stacks on the floor). At the moment it seems every morning that I go in and find someone has left me a new stack of something. I typically have a rather spic & span workspace and thus am feeling filled to the gills. Thankfully I can consciously ignore the mess...subconsciously, not so much (duh - I'm dreaming about it!). I already dread what it will resemble at year-end.

If you wonder at the lack of personalization...well, I've convinced myself that it would just distract me and then I'd be less efficient and have to be at work longer! Besides, I spend any spare time writing newsy emails to my mom :)

Behold, the power of a stapler. THIS is my very favorite office supply. Kinda like Sandra Bullock's character in Two Weeks Notice. I'm very attached (pardon the pun).

1 comment:

Nonna said...

Holy smokes! Do you really have to go through each page of this stuff? I better stop interrupting you when you're on the clock!
Reminds me of your childhood method of cleaning your room... You'd make very neat piles of things on the floor, until the perimeter was completely surrounded. "All done Mom" :)