Tuesday, October 5


We spent a Sunday afternoon at Lakewood's Cider Days festival recently. There were exhibits of really old agricultural equipment (mini hay balers, mills, engines). Stuff that is totally brilliant in its simplicity, and likely revolutionized farming 'way back when'. The kids got to de-ear corn and grind it, use a leather water pump, and sit on some sweet tractors. They also hit the bounce house, rode the donkeys, stopped by the petting zoo and tooled around on the train a few times. We ran into the Buttons and had some nice unexpected adult conversation amidst the activities. Fresh cider and a funnel cake with Daddy rounded out the afternoon.

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Nancy said...

Cider! They don't do that here :D ... did they fall asleep in the car at the end of the day? Cuz' it sounded really busy (& fun)