Monday, September 20

the greatest show on earth

The pic is super dark, but this chick was hula hooping with a gazillion hoops. Seth leaned over and said, 'Mommy, all you ever do is one. How come you don't hoop with lots and lots like that girl? I like it better.' Hmph.
Paige and Daddy were big fans of the trapeze trio.
Dustin is still horrified by the derring-do. At one point he leaned over during the show and said, 'I don't think this is OSHA approved.'
And a ride on the train ended the circus in a happy way. When it stopped for the kiddies to get off, S&P scampered to the engine (there was a BELL up there!) as fast as they could and got buckled in, hoping no one would notice. And then they refused to come out for the operator, and I had to forcibly remove them. Silly.

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Nancy said...

OSHA approved, lol