Monday, July 11


When we shook hands in the Eagle Lake parking lot, it wasn't love at first sight.  And when we think of who we were then, and who we are now, we're always baffled as to how we got here.

At camp there was this thing that happened each Sunday morning before the new bunch of campers arrived.  Whoever was making announcements would finish up by yelling, 'SIXTH WEEK!' (or whatever week we were on) and everyone would respond with 'FIRST WEEK!'  It was a morale booster, a reminder that the counselors should be just as excited this week as they were for the very first week of summer.

This morning while Dustin was clearing breakfast dishes and I was making lunches, I reminded him that we met 12 years ago today.  He said, 'Time flies when you're having fun.'

We looked at each other and doing some quick math, I said, '624th week?'

He nodded and replied, 'Nah, first week.'

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