Sunday, July 3

bruin's bluff

We did another wildflower hike this weekend, out in Lair o' the Bear Open Space.  Bruin's Bluff is a short 2 mile loop with lots and lots of climbing.  The peeps were great.  Dustin & Baby A even came along (he is definitely getting the bad end of the deal this summer; thankful he won't remember it!).  We were supposed to go in the morning, after a small car project (is there such a thing?).  But the estimated 1.5 hours stretched into 3.5 hours and so we missed the morning cool.  We had our picnic at the beginning rather than the end, and off we went.  It was super hot.  Oh, and before we started we had to deal with this attractive sight...
After that, it was just lovely & fun.

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