Monday, August 8

shrine pass

A few weeks ago we spent the day in Vail, hiking & playing while Dustin was at work.  It was b e a u t i f u l and we had lots of fun.  A buddy of mine had recommended Shrine Pass as a good wildflower spot and it didn't disappoint.

There was one point, though, when we were trotting up to the Mount of the Holy Cross, that I suddenly wondered at the wisdom of hiking alone with 2 little peeps and a baby.  Thankfully the only critters we encountered were deer, bunnies, birds and squirrels.  Ravenous squirrels.  If you've ever come across them, you know what I mean.  Like the ones up in Rocky Mountain National Park?  Those suckers are so pampered with all the visitors feeding them.  What is the point of this?  Oh, right - the squirrels.  I stopped to tie a shoe for S and by the time I stood up, they had dragged off a bag of trail mix P had next to her while she tossed rocks into the creek.  Like I said, ravenous squirrels.


mirandagail said...

haha....I've done this a number of times. Start happily hiking w/ 3 little people and suddenly, once I'm quite far from the car and my cell has no coverage, I think, "wait...what happens if a bear comes along, or one of us gets bitten by a snake??"


Sarah Axe said...

What a priceless & beautiful day with your kiddos! We will have to check out this hike next time.