Friday, September 9

my dad, the cop

Last night I had a dream that I got to see my dad at work.  He was at a nondescript restaurant, sitting with his laptop open.  The guys that met him were in pinstripe suits (this is important, I love pinstripes).  And I guess they were there to negotiate.
So my dad said something.
And then the guys got all huffy and made like they were leaving.
My dad just sat there, looking at his laptop and pecking away on the keyboard.
The guys settled back down, argued.
My dad was silent.
The guys yelled.
My dad: quiet.
The guys pleaded.
My dad sat, pecking away.
The guys acquiesced.
My dad closed his laptop, gave a nod their way and walked out.

He was awesome!!  Of course, he's really an engineer, and this has no bearing on reality whatsoever.

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