Sunday, September 18

we had to make more jam

Have you ever read Jamberry?  It is one of the best board books.  Ever.

We tripped back to the Berry Patch for raspberries.  It is their peak here and we wanted to make some jam.
This spider was seriously huge.  And he was eating (drinking?) bees for breakfast.
One day soon this sucker will be a beautiful butterfly moth.  Or something.  I'm not an entomologist.
These guys were zinging from bush to bush.  If you looked carefully down a row, you could see them bouncing like popcorn kernels.
S was convinced all the really ripe (read: darker) ones were boysenberries.  There was no convincing him otherwise.  P downed an entire pint while I was trying to finish so we could go.  She was very literally caught red-handed.
And this is kinda what autumn looks like in Colorado.  Clouds in the sky.  It's been raining here quite a bit (for us, at least), which is great except for the times I leave diapers on the line outside.  Which seems to happen a lot.  The garden caught its second wind and is busily growing crazy amounts of squash and zucchini.  Along with a 4" watermelon!  As I told my mom this afternoon, it's a wild success, as it is approximately 4" larger than any other watermelons I've grown.

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