Wednesday, November 16

fall leaves

The peeps did some painting recently.  Ever since That Day (you know, the one when our boy got all the paint out during quiet time and painted a bedroom), I don't really let them paint.  Ever.  I'd rather use glitter - and surely you understand that glitter is a major mess fest.

This summer I set up the easel in the backyard and they painted, having a wonderful, naked time.  That's right.  Naked.  S stayed dressed but P usually came back inside without her clothes, and with some very nice stripe work.  I guess even artists can be concerned with tan lines.

So we painted with q tips instead of brushes.  Leaves on trees for fall for them, but I used green because I like green trees and thought it would be entertaining to paint alongside S&P.  The idea was to put dots down for leaves.  They mostly followed the directions, except for the lines & whirls where he told me the leaves were dancing.
And then S made me a heart!  Swoon.  He'll be FIVE next week.  Gracious.

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