Saturday, November 26

snappy naps

There comes a time in everyone's life when taking naps is detrimental to sleeping at night.  Our girl is at that point.  She stays up until 9-10p if/when she gets an afternoon snooze.

And she loves her naps!  At lunch we usually talk about whatever we'll do and get done for the rest of the day.  Her eyes light up and she says, 'After lunch is nap time?'  And I say, 'Not today, crazy peep!  No more naps for you!  Yay!'  She isn't buying into the excitement yet.

Unfortunately, she also isn't quite at the quiet-time-for-two-hours-by-myself point.  This means I have to keep a super close eye on her, or I find her collapsed and snoozing away.  She sneaked quite a few last week when I was changing A's diaper, filling a glass of water, getting the mail, taking out the trash...she can be completely out in less than 2min - I've started watching the clock.

Hopefully one day [soon] she will in fact be ready for by-myself-quiet-time.  One day.

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mirandagail said...

oh my goodness. that is PRECIOUS!