Wednesday, December 28

goodbye 2011

So I'm a goal oriented person.  And as we were meshing our objectives for 2012, we had to revisit some for 2011, in no order whatsoever.  These are the ones we remembered off the top of our heads:
  • have Baby A.  check.
  • learn to can.  check.
  • fence by back door.  check.
  • cook with the peeps, often.  check.
  • indulge the peeps' imaginations.  check.
  • give to others in ways that seriously stretch us - financially, socially, emotionally.  check.
  • go to Oregon, go to Tennessee.  check, check.
  • write letters.  epic fail.
  • see hot air balloon festival.  check.
  • earn more money.  check.
  • learn to make salad dressing on a whim.  still not quite there.  fail.
  • have a garden.  check.
  • see the peeps start to swim like fish.  check.
  • make wise financial decisions.  so subjective.  check.
  • be realistic and specific about our possessions.  downsize if needed.  check.
  • finish replacing baseboards.  fail.
  • wallow in joy, always.  definitely not always.  fail.
  • be more careful with haircuts.  no buzz cuts this year - check!
  • wrestle with the kids.  check.
  • live in a state of gratitude.  always a process.  check.
  • smile at strangers.  check.
  • Christmas cards.  fail.
  • make an effort to earnestly listen to our children - their needs, wants, dreams.  sometimes this is a hard one, as they talk all. the. time., but definite improvement has been made.  check.
  • keep our home cozy.  check.
And we'll stop there.  Obviously, not all the goals were met.  I have the actual list, but I guess these were some of the more important - and, of course, we probably didn't achieve the ones we've totally forgotten!  Priorities, priorities.

We have had such a splendid year.  You should see our goals for 2012; we're bringing out the big guns.

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JaneeNoel said...

Is this the part where we get to propose 2012 goals for your family? Because I think a trip to California should be on that list!!!