Thursday, December 15

on the bookshelf

We have been slowly trimming our possession of books.  Mostly we're just donating a bunch to the library, and giving some to friends.  And if we are keeping it, but don't really remember it, I'm reading it.  You know, to figure out if I actually want to keep it.

This means I'm reading a strange selection.  I just finished one on frontier women (was my grandma's) that was super interesting.  Can you believe what those people went through to settle the West?!  I am ever so thankful for warmth, shelter and stability.  So I am rereading the bottom, Dustin & I are finishing up the AP, CS Lewis stands to keep me busy for a while (does anyone else have to read each paragraph of his ~3 times?), the Ann Voskamp book is new (have you read her blog?  it's rich), and I don't remember the mystery up top at all so far, which means I'll send it off to the library once finished.

And now you can read library books on the Kindle!  So Dustin and I are sneakily trying to dominate its usage...

'Is the Kindle on the dresser?  I thought I left it there.  I wanted to finish _____'
'I don't think so.  You could look for it.'
'Yeah.' walks away
*Chortle*  lifts pant leg and pulls out Kindle.

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mirandagail said...

yes...I always feel like a dummy because I have to triple-read Lewis. If not by the paragraph...then by the sentence.