Monday, July 16

campy mccamperson

It started out so well.  We got to Sylvan Lake, set up shop, had dinner, went for a hike around the lake (deer!  beavers!!).
But poor Little A did not have a good evening or night.  He was sloppy on his feet after the hike and threw up a few times.  We think the altitude + teething drainage = sad A.
But then he woke up the next morning and seemed much, much better.  Ate a huge breakfast and we set off on another hike.
While S&P practiced their air guns (watch out, NRA!), I kissed A, fed him cranberries and explored.
S shot a pinecone clear off a log!
And then A got tired.
P is very into self portraiture. 
We went back to camp, had lunch and settled A in for a snooze.  Dustin played with his new scope.
It rained a little & I took a nap.
But then Little A woke up and was so very sad (the tent is red, he wasn't really that pink).  So we decided we couldn't keep him up in the hills another night.
So we spent the rest of the day playing in the creek.  Totally reminded me of childhood in Tennessee.
And A really wanted in on the action, so we let him play too.
And then I showered the kids while Dustin packed up and we headed home late.  Not *quite* the best trip ever, but it really was fun.  The kids were sad to come home early but had a wonderful time the whole time they were there.  I consider it a success.  A is much better a mile closer to sea level.

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mirandagail said...

oh my goodness....I LOVE the picture of S with smiling w/ his gun!!