Wednesday, July 25


Is it really the end of July?!  Gracious.  S went to the craft store with me (needed yarn for Baby4's blanket) and picked out a craft.  Remember these?!  They're plastic now (pretty sure the one I made was glass back in the day) and their little fingers did a splendid job.
I like pictures of fruit.
 Small A is getting in on puzzle time.
S is into taking my picture and telling me that I look tired.  Thanks, son!
And P is sticking pretty close to me these days.  She woke up late one night to tell me she was so hungry.  I said she could have Cheerios.  She climbed over me, stretched out and fell back asleep.  I don't think she was really hungry.  Dustin must have tossed her back into bed, 'cause I fell asleep too.

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