Saturday, March 29

before the month is over

At least I'm not an entire month late, right?  Adam turned 3 several weeks ago.  His Memaw & G'paw (Dustin's parents) sent him 2 Battat building sets and they are super fun.  Adam was so excited*

He loooooves tools/building/unbuilding.  I had to move my canister of tools to a higher shelf because he was creating towers of calamity in his efforts to snag a screwdriver while I wasn't looking.  This was great as he had recently taken to unscrewing anything he could (door hinges! vacuum cleaners! front door handles! coat hooks!).  BUT it was not so great because he figured out that hello, a butter knife is a clearly designed multi-tool and he used one to take all the outlet covers off the living room walls while I took a shower one morning.  Everything is screwed back in, but I am missing 3 butter knifes.  Oh, three year olds.

This little middle man is pretty fabulous.  He must wake up instantly because as soon as I open his door - morning or afternoon - he is immediately telling me his latest thought (he must wake middream): "And then I will need a bucket!  I will use my bucket to put out the fire!  It's at the neighbors." or "I was asking Daddy for a drink of water because I was so thirsty.  And he brought me a dragon!  It was red.  With blue stripes!"  or "The train ride was so fun!  I really liked it and I want to go again.  Today!  I went with Poppy on the train and we went so fast.  It was so fun!"  He is so fun.

Happy 4th year, Adam.  I hope it is as delightful for you as you are to me.

*Noah is also super excited about the drill.  They are the perfect size and slow speed for putting in his mouth and rotating on his sad gums.  He prefers the Philips bit, but the flathead will do in a pinch.  Oh, teething.

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