Thursday, March 20

reading through winter

this little baby is in love with Gossie books
I spent the winter reading children's & young adult fiction.  They're easy reads, of course, and I think it's good to keep up with current reads for the peeps so we're never at a loss when they are looking for something new to read (or be read to them).  And you can never read too many books.

Unless I hear about a specific author/title, I typically choose books based on their spine fonts.  Dustin makes fun of me quite a bit, but it's taken me to some great reads (also some losers - I found one last summer with sparkles on the cover and it was dismal but I was so enamored with the sparkles that I committed and trudged through it anyway).  I like to read everything by an author in quick succession.  Writer binges, you might say.  So I tried to stick with series since I prefer to read them over stand alones.  I think this is most of what I read.

  • The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Sarah Dessen (whatever the library had, I think 12 - I missed a few)
  • The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place
  • The Penderwicks
  • Nanny Piggins
  • Percy Jackson
  • Little House on the Prairie
It was really fun and winter seems like the perfect season for kid books.  Sweet Dustin has gotten sucked into reading a few of them as well and I will never forget him telling me over lunch one day "I'm a little sad that I don't have four daughters".  What!


Mary Elizabeth Gaither said...

Hahahahahaha! The Penderwicks can have that effect! *wink* Love your list! I'm interested in the Mysterious Benedict Society now...

mirandagail said...

That's awesome. We'll have to try the Penderwicks since both of you like them. We ADORED Litte House series and Percy Jackson series!! For slightly younger chapter books, The Imaginary Veterinarian is very cool!