Thursday, June 5

sweet six

Paige had her birthday last week and we had a fantastic day celebrating.  Several years ago when she first started sleeping in a big bed, we would lay with her for a few minutes.  If you know Paige, you know she likes to go, go, go.  But if you laid next to her - and got her forehead to touch yours - she would fall asleep before we could count to 50.  It was fantastic.  Whatever works, right?

She has struggled a bit with tiredness since last fall when she was in the hospital, a condition super easy to recognize with her tired eyes.  Since "summer" has begun, we've been swimming and bike riding and hiking and all manner of adventures.  And thankfully, she's sleeping more and more.  Today after we read The Berenstain Bears and the Sitter (my turn to choose), we closed our eyes.  Within a minute she wriggled over to my side, rested her forehead against mine, and was asleep by 32.  She is vibrant, thoughtful, funny, and shy.  I wouldn't want her any other way.

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