Sunday, June 29

summer swing

It's nearly July and we are officially in the swing of summer things.  It takes a while.  We read and cook and watch and swim and play and create and ride and eat.  Then we all fall into bed tired, sleep until morning, and do it all over again.  Adam has found a looked-over string of lights and determinedly decorates a new space each day.  I did overhear some talk about taking the lights for a spin as a jump rope, soooooo...they might not make it to Christmas.  We dusted off the ice cream machine last week.  That stuff is crazy good and now we're all glad that I completely misjudged ingredient amounts and bought enough heavy whipping cream to make four batches rather than one.  Oops.  At least it will keep!

Seth and I made a peach pie and Paige cried when it was gone.  Burst into tears.  So Adam and I made another one a few days ago and she cried again tonight when she found out Dustin had finished it off.  Morning, noon, and night - this girl would eat pie all the time if allowed.

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