Monday, July 21

cold feet

Paige has been making the grocery list.  Noah embellishes.  It's been raining here (rain! for days!) this past week.  A slight sort of drizzle that completely reminds me of Oregon in the Spring.  Dustin and I like it.  The children do not.

Dustin has poison ivy.  He has no idea where it came from but it keeps spreading and is starting to really annoy him.  He leaves it alone but he's a sweaty guy and it seems to be a losing battle right now.  I gave him the tea tree oil and told him he needs to stop getting sweaty.  Then I woke up this morning and my feet were cold - cold feet! in Tennessee! in July! - and I checked the thermostat and he had turned it down 6 degrees last night.  Dream on, buddy.  Walking upstairs felt like going into a sauna.  Maybe he can sleep with ice packs tucked in around him, like a big fish.

I sold our smallest cloth diapers a few weeks ago, for just $20 less than I paid for them (yes, I found them for a deal).  Those things saved us gobs of money, and we used their proceeds to buy a few trees.  Dustin dug great big holes and I slosh 5gal buckets over to them each morning.  Dustin wanted fruit trees (he's crazy) but I picked out oak and maple.  Happiness is more trees in your yard.

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