Tuesday, July 1

swing swing swing

Noah likes to swing on things.  Anything that he can hold on to and lift his feet up - it has made for some poor balancing acts and tears.  But while the top mattress is out of the bunkbed, he is all about hanging about.  He probably has stronger core muscles than I do!  Sheesh.  His grin of accomplishment is pretty hard to resist.

We've been swimming a lot.  Dustin thinks no one should ever have to share french fries, computers, or goggles.  He went and picked me out some and now I get to spend time at the bottom of the pool hunting torpedos, coins, and rings - and bonus! I don't have to worry about losing my contacts.

Noah has had croup recently so we kept everyone home from church Sunday and I took Paige to pick blackberries.  She spent most of her time looking for a bug to take home and keep in her room for a pet.  What.  Thankfully she considers ants a pedestrian insect and would only settle for something exotic.  We nabbed a shield bug and he entertained her for a while - until he fell out of the box and back into his thicket.

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mirandagail said...

LOVING that top picture!!

So funny about the bug :) Mine have had earwigs, rolypolys (or wood lice), a praying mantis, and a grasshopper that we kept so long he molted 4 times.