Thursday, November 20

a quick succession

That kitchen photo?  Yeah, that was our daughter's angry response to...something.  Probably something like..."No, you may not wear your gymnastics leotard to ride your bike, as it is 42° outside."  It did remind me of being burgled when I was a kid, seeing every cabinet opened at once.  I was a twinge impressed that she went to so much trouble. She had to fix it all, but I'm thinking the next time maybe she'll have to open and close each cabinet twenty or thirty times.  Perhaps that will cure such happenings?

One night last week Dustin got into bed before eight and I came home from a later-than-usual walk, wondering what I would find.  Adam was cozied up with Paige, every single light was on upstairs (including all closets!) and Noah was entirely naked.  And this is why I still do those bed checks.

"Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings." has been running through my head recently (Oh, Fanny Price).  Emphasis on the quick successions, not busy nothings.  I am starting to see why people have such strong opinions concerning their beloved planners and calendar apps.  I still haven't figured out the best one for myself; I have a hard time committing to anything more than my color-the-month wall calendar I buy each year in January for 90% off at Michaels (that makes it...a dollar, I think).  Maybe I will graduate to something mobile or start keeping up with that planner I got a while back.  Or maybe planners and I are just not meant to be.

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