Monday, February 9


My Aunt Peggy was cleaning out her house (getting ready to move) several years ago and sent me home with a grown up // baby animal memory set that we all love.  Noah finds anything that looks like one of his buddies (yakyak! puppy! panda!) and hugs them tightly to his chest, not to be shared.  He goes to his room, throws said buddies down the stairs, and lines them up against the couch - each looking at its own match, naturally.  Adam thinks the idea of turning a card over and then back over facedown is complete nonsense.  Seth and Paige and I play it often.  Sometimes one of them distracts the other two of us and then slips two or four cards out of the lineup.  This keeps us hunting for nonexistent matches and them chortling - and then they remember that they never looked at which cards they they are in the dark just like us.  They are so funny.

PS the photo is blurry but that is such an awesome little boy book that Adam is looking at.  I pick the page of ships or farm equipment, but it is all about the construction site for this guy.

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