Wednesday, February 18

the greatest of these

You know, love is super important.  Aside from the commercialism of Valentine's Day, I do think it is an opportunity to be intentional about talking to our peeps about love.  What is faith? What is hope? What is love? Why do they remain? Why is love the greatest?  The conversation evolves each year as they get older - their questions more thoughtful, their answers more logical.

We usually tell something we love about each other (Noah contributed kisses and laughter).  This year I didn't ask them to include us, but just one another and the answers were sweet and as different as each child.  I add them to a list and maybe one day they will want to see just how they served each other, and how those actions transformed their relationships in even their young lives.

On a hilarious side note, Dustin got me a bunch of USB charger things for my *gift*.  WHAT.  Thank goodness I bought myself flowers on Friday, right?

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mirandagail said...

What a great idea, making the list!! Love the pic of Paige ;)