Sunday, August 3

Birthday Party Fun

This weekend we went to Breaden's 2nd birthday party at Monkey Bizness. Lots and lots of fun - platforms to climb, inflatables and a huge slide. Seth had a great time and Paige was a champ in the heat!
Yay for inflatables!
Free fall down a slide
Paige wiggled under a bench and we took turns with her (although my turns were spent passing the baby around since it was her first appearance!)
Fun with Daddy
Getting ready to conquer the 'big' slide
One tired boy at the Thomas party! There was pizza and cake after playtime and it was SO SO quiet - you'd never imagine there were 15 2-yr olds in one room...they were exhausted.


nonna said...
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Nonna said...

Seth really did the big slide all by himself? I think I'd need a helper... Looks like fun!

Ode to Us! said...

Ha! So you got suckered into the blog-o-sphere too! Yeah!! Lots of pictures for me of the babes! :)
Poor Seth does look so tired in the last picture. Guess there is such a thing as having too much fun. -Tanya