Wednesday, August 20

Our Newly Bespectacled Boy!

After recently noticing one of Seth's eyes periodically crossing, we were referred to a child ophthalmologist. He was a true champ through the exam and dilation (2+ hrs); sat very still and only shed a few tears. It was not (as we feared) a case of lazy eye. As it turns out, he has excessive farsightedness (accommodative esotropia) and the crossing aids in his ability to focus on objects. He was ordered to get glasses that he will wear ALL the time. The glasses will do the focusing for him, thereby eliminating the crossing.

There was only one set of frames that would fit his tiny face! They came in this week and we picked them up this afternoon. Thankfully, we've had him in sunglasses for a while and he already likes them, but we expect this to be quite an adjustment for us.

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