Monday, August 25

Incident of the Week

Today Seth locked himself in the bathroom. I don't know if it's the improved vision or just his insatiable curiosity, as we'd never seen him even notice a lock on an interior door before today. Nonetheless, he locked himself in. It was (of course) at a time directly coinciding with Paige realizing her tummy was empty. So there was a crying boy pounding small fists and a wailing baby writhing in the hallway while I stared at the door, willing it to open. Dustin suggested I climb through the window into the shower. Never going to happen. I removed the door knob and took a screwdriver and hammer to the door jamb, cleanly taking out the little piece in the middle (no ideas on technical term). Then I slid the screwdriver into the latch and popped the door open. When I took off the outer knob Seth pulled the inner one and (of course) it landed on his upturned face (read: crying becomes screaming). Such is life.

The relatively short ordeal seems to have made an impression on our son. He put his back against the opposing wall when walking by the bathroom and I had to carry him to the tub tonight for his bath, as he refuses to cross the threshold. Maybe this will keep him from loitering in the bathroom and unfolding all my towels? Only kidding :)

It's only Monday; am I presumptuous to claim this as Incident of the Week?


JaneeNoel said...

Oh my word. . . he looks SO CUTE in those glasses!! I'd noticed his eyes crossing a little bit. . glad you got all of that figured out and he seems to be seeing better these days. What a cutie! Noelle sends lots of hugs and kisses. =)

sprickster said...
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Valerie said...

Oh, how sad!!! Poor Seth, how scary. I'm waiting for the day when Tommy figures the locks out - he is always poking at them, trying to figure it out. But our locks are totally worthless as locks - all you have to do it put your fingernail in a little slot on the outside of the door and twist to unlock. I guess that will be a good feature with a little kid, though!!

BTW, Seth looks very cute in his glasses. :)