Tuesday, April 20

birthday bunting

Of course, everyone has seen birthday banners that get hung up for parties. We have one, actually, with a shiny silver background and rounded lively colored letters. But lately I was thinking about holidays and traditions that go with them - birthdays in particular.

Three of my very favorite people will be celebrating a birthday next month: Michele, Dustin & Paigy. So I was looking at my leftover felt and thought 'Hmm...maybe a...birthday...something? Surely I can figure something out.'

Something we could take out for each birthday. Something that could become a tradition.

So I cut out lots of letters, hand-sewed them onto some brown polka dotted fabric, and then popped out the trusty sewing machine to piece all the triangles' fronts & backs together. I joined them all with some double-fold bias tape and added a length of rick-rack to finish 'em off.

Machine-minded Seth was a delightful distraction help and has very much taken to snoopervising. He also got out his lacing shapes and 'sewed' with me on the couch.

And this is what we came up with. Don't worry, the pic above was just a trial run. We really don't have it hanging up all the time. But come May 1st, the tradition will begin.


Cara said...

Sew cute! :) You are becoming ultra crafty, my friend!

MAMA CEO said...

awesome, awesome awesome!

JaneeNoel said...

can I have one of those for my birthday?? =)