Friday, April 9

side project ❀

I was wanting to make something for my mom, and started thinking about flowers. I could crochet flowers (have you seen them!? they're fabulous), but then I'd have to buy yarn. Pfft.

So I thought maybe I could sew a little something cheery onto...a piece of cardstock? Yep.

Started with lots of circles. Arranged, rearranged. Took a pic of their placement...and didn't use it at all. I cut out some grass and popped it on there - needed a twinge more depth so I added another layer. Then off I went, just picked out a circle or two and attached them however I wanted. Looped on some stems and that's that.

It was a nice couple nights' of work. Who knew?! And it turned out cute. Really cute.


trinabambina said...

Really cute!!

The Johnsons said...

That is really cute! I may have to steal your looks like felt on card stock with embroidery floss for the stitches?