Tuesday, April 13

platte river 1/2

This past Sunday I joined a thousand other people and finished up my first 1/2 marathon. If you ran it, and didn't see me, it's because I was at the end. Hehee! I came home and told Dustin there's nothing like running a race in Colorado (with those crazy CO runners, of which I am not) to make you feel very under prepared.

I swear there were men 'warming up' at speeds 2x faster than I run. Hah! And because this is so awesome, I have to share - there was a 78yr old from Boulder (78!!) that ran the 1/2 in 2:18. Admit it, that impressed you. Regardless of time, I ran the whole 13.1 and was happy both to have done it, and to be done with it.

It was fun - and I'd do it again - though I definitely maintain that running is (& should be) a solitary activity - it didn't really do much for me to run with lots of people. Running with Dustin, however, would be lots of fun. I've nearly convinced him to start joining me, though he balks at a 1/2 ('NO way, wife!'). Hmm...maybe I can find a 10k or something...

My favorite part of running with lots of other people on Sunday was that I saw so many seriously cute running shorts. If only I had taken the camera *sigh*

I didn't have the time to try out any of the gels/chews (mistake) and ended up running the whole thing just with 1/2c of water every 2mi. Eating something probably would have helped, so I'll play around with that a bit. And my only complaint is that they ran out of water at the finish. Really, race organizers??? Really?!


JaneeNoel said...

You are amazing, my friend. Is there anything you DON'T do?

IIRC, Heather was the top women's finisher for her age group in that race a few years ago.

Cara said...

Wow! That is great! I have another friend who just ran a 1/2 a few weeks ago. You are awesome! :)