Monday, May 16


Dustin is a breakfast person.  Must have it.  Must have variety.  And 90% of the time, it needs to be something hot.  Steel cut oats, farina, eggs, regular oats, muffins, pancakes, crepes, waffles...if it relates to breakfast, our house is willing to try it.  Even fried cornmeal mush - which I am not a big fan of - shows up every so often.  I made polenta + maple syrup + mascarpone + toasted pecans a few weeks ago.  It was good, not a favorite, and very creamy.  Did you know polenta = grits?  We had no idea.

We eat breakfast for dinner at least once a week, and as a result, Paige cannot for the life of her figure out what meal she should request throughout the day:

6:45a - 'Mama, can you make me some dinner?'
11a - 'I'm so hungry.  Can we have some breakfast?'
3p - 'Is it time for snack?'
5:30p - 'Is it time for breakfast? Can you make breakfast now?!'
(we obviously put little emphasis on lunch...)

Last week I bruléed some oatmeal (spread a thin layer of brown sugar on the oatmeal and slid it under the broiler until it was bubbling - made for a YUMMY crunch on top)...that was fun.  Try it.  As long as you don't burn it or catch it on fire, you'll like it.

And when did my kids start eating more oatmeal than me?


abudhabimomma said...

I'm with Dustin...breakfast is a MUST! Bruleed oats sound pretty delightful :-)

Cara said...

What is your favorite way of preparing oats for breakfast? I (embarrassingly) avoid oats because I just cannot think of any of way of preparing them than to just add raisins.