Friday, May 6

theys friends

Here in CO the warmer weather means drinking even more water, since we're out running around and any sweat you might produce typically evaporates super fast.  And then you add in the extra water since Baby A came along (can't have him going hungry!)...I'm consuming like 100 ounces a day.  It's a lot of water.

I attempt to use 1 glass and just refill it throughout the day, but glass kept disappearing.  As the extended sleep deprivation goes on (it's getting much better), I'm starting to forget unimportant things like...where did I put my keys?  did we run out of eggs?  what is my child's name?  what day is it?  where did I put my water glass?

And just when I thought I was losing my mind, I popped into the bathroom to pull my hair back and this is what I found:

So I wasn't going crazy.  P had been taking a cup each time I emptied it and left it on the kitchen counter, and I was just replacing it.  She claimed, 'Those cups, theys friends!  They want to be together.  I put them in a line!'  Then comes the beautiful smile, followed with, 'Can I have some more?'

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