Tuesday, May 24


Sharing is so great.  Little kids learning to share - still so great.  But generosity?  Still so much better.  Trying to impress an attitude of generosity on the peeps has been really delightful.  We spent a minute or three during lunch for a week or so, talking about why we share, what we share, who wants us to share, who needs us to share, etc.  Very interesting - and entertaining - conversations ensued.

And then we talked about being generous - about giving readily, sharing before being asked, going out of our way to give our time, beloved toys, turns on the slide, popsicles...all that.  Being (of course) a practical application person, there had to be a demonstration.  So when we were looking at books one day and P sees a cookbook I had out from the library...

P: Let's make those!
S: We like cake.  And we can give them to friends!
P: Yay!

And so we made cake balls.  They baked, crumbled, stirred, dipped.  They were super yummy.  Then they picked out 4 friends.  We made little construction paper 'boats' for the treats to sit inside, and with their gifts on their laps, we set off for deliveries.
pretty sweet, right?
delivery boy
tired after a successful morning's work

It was a fun project.  We had made 40, delivered 24, packed up 10 for Dustin's work buddies, and each had 1 after dinner.  And when I offered them the remaining couple during snack the next day...

S:  That's okay.  They were so good I want you to have them.
P:  Yeah!  They so yummy.  I bet Daddy will love his.

Mission accomplished.  Baby steps.

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