Wednesday, June 15

favorite 4 word phrase

Oh no, my baby _____
I hear it at least 10 times a day (P's favorite 3 word phrase: S did it).  She says it all the time - probably because her baby is with her all the time, and suffers an array of calamities: dropped her in the potty (Oh no, my baby is all wet!), buried her in the sandbox (Oh no, my baby is yucky), lost her under the car seat (Oh no, my baby, where is her?)...the list is literally endless.

Tonight those 4 words popped out as I hung up some pans, making too much noise.  They were followed with, 'Shhh!  My baby wants to take her nap in the kitchen.'
If only P would take these words to heart and stop waking up my baby.

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Cara said...

HAHA - so cute and funny! :)