Sunday, June 12

fire ants

We have started going through this book and this weekend we hopped over to Green Mountain in Lakewood.  We were supposed to do a 3 mile loop, but the peeps got super whiny halfway through and wanted to turn around (I told them it was the same distance, but...whatever) so we just did a 3 mile there-and-back.  It was mostly overcast but sunny at the very end.  We saw lots and lots of flowers (those giant dandelions were a huge hit) and talked about why the storm above us was moving over to the beach (Bear Lake).  

But mostly, we talked about fire ants.  Why they were red, why they were fast, why we saw so many of them, why they lived on Green Mountain, why we should keep going, why they like to bite people...why why why.  I would have taken a picture of them, but they pretty much creep me out (P actually just came up to me and asked if she could see the fire ants from our hike.  They're obsessed.).  We came home with one skinned knee, one scraped ankle, a backpack devoid of all snacks, and very dirty children.  Good times.

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mirandagail said...

these pictures are JUST LOVELY!