Tuesday, June 7

the three foot perspective

S and I were talking about perspective last week.  How different people can look at the same object, but see entirely different things.  And how we come up with different answers - all correct - to the same questions (What do you think of when I say laughter?).  

This entire conversation was a result of my inaccuracy when studying his Lego creations...'That's a totally kickin' rocket, man!'...'No it isn't.  It's a super sonic speeder with turbo boosters!'  Then he sort of looked at me over his glasses and rolled his eyes.  Is he really only 4?  Back to the topic.  To prove my point, I gave him the camera and sent him outside to take pictures of some things he likes best.  And then he had to explain them to me if I couldn't figure them out.  Here we go...
wet clothes, because he loves playing with the sprinkler.  (he also loves taking the wet clothes off while outside and running around naked)
the hammock.
the stool that he uses to boost himself into the hammock.
the quilt we take outside for the hammock.  they love to lay all the way under it and watch how the sunlight shines through all the different colors.
it's hard to see, but this one is of the clothesline where I hang Baby A's diapers.  they think it's totally awesome...I know, it's strange.
the grass, 'just because it's green', he said.
and the sky, because we like to watch it and figure out what shapes the clouds are.

P is up next.  I'm interested to see what she wants to take pictures of (I'll have to help her a bit).  My guesses include: the new plastic baby pool, her bike, a caterpillar, and the hammock.  Fun stuff.

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