Tuesday, April 10


If you've been to our house, you might have noticed that we have 1 bathroom.  Now, this isn't really a problem.  Sure, it might be nice to have 2, but we're good to go for this point in our lives.  The real problem is that we don't have enough wall space for all the towel bars we need.  So I got a bunch of hooks and wheedled for Dustin to cut us a board.  When we had towel bars, S&P's were on the lower bars and even though they knew where their towel was, all of our towels often ended in a heap on the floor each night, everyone's wet even though only 2 rather small people had taken showers.  

I've decided to try out hooded towels for the peeps.  I got some ribbon to dither over, but they opened it all and turned the living room into a May Pole, so stripes it is!  They were very easy to make, and pretty darn inexpensive.  And hopefully, they can keep their colors straight.  Hopefully.
Guess I need to find one more color for New Baby.  Yellow!  Purple!  Orange!

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